SleequeBody’s natural body butters boost natural skin regeneration (Repairs worn and cracked skin) and increases skin hydration with immense softening and moisture retention properties. Contains antimicrobial and antioxidant  properties. Handmade with lots of love and care.

*Tip: try using it right after a nice warm shower or bath! Your skin will LOVE IT!

SleequeBODY is the result of simply wanting to find an all-natural DIY recipe to achieve the lasting moisturizing results that I just could not achieve from using over the counter lotions. Once I made a batch of body butter for myself, I was in love instantly. Not to mention the nutrient dense properties! OMG! I spent many nights and hours researching the properties of each ingredient used in our body butters and was blown away. 

While it did take a little more time and effort to create and cost a little more *insert side-eye here*, the results were worth it. I could apply the butter before I left for work and didn’t have to worry about scratching my skin later and be disappointed by the white “ashy” lines that would appear, lol. It especially works well on dryer skin types when lotion seems like it just isn’t enough. 

The people I shared my butter with were impressed, but they didn’t necessarily want to make the products themselves. The task of researching what to buy, how much to buy, how much to use, AND THEN standing in their kitchen to make it themselves appeared to be a daunting task. Welp! That’s why I’m here! Let me whip you up something that will have you feeling silky… Have you feeling soft… Have you feeling Sleeque (slēk). Why? Because your skin is worth it!